The product of Parsian Garmeh Quarries is cream marble stone in 4 color varieties named below:

  1. Conglomerate stone, trade name “Chitta”
  2. White-Cream marble stone, trade name “Bianco Cavalo”
  3. Antler marble stone, trade name “Perlato Vanilla”
  4. Balast & Maloun
  • Chitta

White limestone with cream fossils.

This limestone is a beautiful composition of melnge and ophiolite and this compound of cream and white spots makes an exclusive combination.

It has high polishing index >93

We can supply dressed marble blocks and finished products of this type in various dimensions and thickness for interior decoration, partition and decorated stone desk for offices.

Dimensions from 40*40 up to 1.60*3.00 meters.

  • Bianco Cavalo
  • Calcite calcareous marble rock with cream color to white.This area is geologically young and it is constructed from white calcite rocks.It has high polishing index between 93 – 94%It could be represented in any sizes up to 1.60*3.00 meters slabs.It is mostly used as pavement in flat areas.
  • Vanilla

Marble stone in cream color semi beige with calcite veins and fossil tissues.

It is called Antler.

It has high polishing index >94 and it is mostly used as pavement, building facades, and stairs.

It would be representable in any size.

  • Balast & Maloun

This rocks are in 2 differentiated colors: Pale Goldenrod and Pale Green. Their dimensions are irregular and used as pavements, wall coverings, and infrastructure.

It is available from size 5*5*2 cm up to 100*100*10 cm in the quarry that sizing them may introduce new definitions in road industry.

This rock is intensively hard and mostly used in parks and public gardens as pavement and infrastructure.